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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need an attorney?

We do not practice law, but facilitate the support services attorneys need to do their jobs effectively.

Why are virtual paralegals important to law firms?

Virtual paralegals do the same work as traditional paralegals minus the expenses derived from salaries, benefit packages, and overhead. Virtual paralegals strive to convey a business mentality necessary to help attorneys increase profitability and productivity. Virtual paralegals may be used on a temporary basis or become inclusive as part of a law firm’s operations. Virtual paralegals are educated and qualified to perform paralegal work just the same as traditionally-employed paralegals.

Why should solo practitioners use virtual paralegals?

Using a paralegal is significantly more cost-effective for a law firm. Firms save thousands of dollars each year and only pay for the time they use. No wasted down time or overhead.

How does Rothstein support paralegals and legal assistants?

Rothstein helps paralegals and legal assistants advance within the legal profession by advising and creating resumes that attract hiring managers.

What is the turnaround time for any work completed by Rothstein?

We pride ourselves on speed and precision. All work is completed based on your agreed upon schedule. We will never give you an unfulfilled completion date.

What if Rothstein works for an attorney who represents an opposing party and I send her instructions for my client?

Rothstein takes conflicts of interests very seriously. Our first step when given an assignment is to check for these conflicts and notify the attorney immediately. If a conflict is found, Rothstein will notify an attorney and return any work.

How do I send Rothstein work?

The beauty of contemporary society is the ability to work offsite with protected software and firewalls. You can send a voice memo, email, text, etc. and we’ll begin the process.

How do I contact Rothstein with other questions?

Email: rkrothsteinvirtual@gmail.com
Website: rkrothsteinvirtualparalegals.com